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Volunteering was life-changing.

But is life afterwards missing

the same wholeness and purpose?

It’s still in you.


Struggling to find meaningful work?

Introducing the Vocation Program, for volunteers and non-volunteers alike.


MATT RICHARDS, Returned Peace Corps Volunteer, 

Moldova, 2007-09; South Africa, 2010-11

“After two Peace Corps assignments, meeting with Sara was just what I needed to align my deepest convictions of who I knew I was and who I wanted to become.

Sara walked me through how to get there.  She was such a powerful listener and made me feel understood and valued.  I knew I could trust her to help me sort out where I had been, the strengths I felt within me which were still dormant, and the possibility of finding true fulfillment in life.

As a result, I gained the confidence I needed to marry my sweetheart, Minkie, and I also got accepted into a top ranked international relations graduate program.  The same core principles and convictions that Sara helped me to discover guided me from grad school to a career in university administration.  I now work for a university that has a global online degree program and I manage all operations in Europe.

I honestly never imagined that I could be so satisfied in my career and in my family life – Minkie and I now have a son – and I feel I owe much of my present satisfaction in life to Sara’s influence on me in that very critical and transitional time in my life.  She taught me that life is a mission and not a career.  She helped me establish persistence and kindness as ruling properties in my family.”

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