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Warning: How Being Persistent May Be Hurting You

Being persistent is a strength—right? I sure assumed it was for a long time. Whatever I went after, I went after hard—from becoming a faster runner in high school, to learning to speak Setswana in South Africa. I also kind of thrived on logging hours toward a goal because since I was working so hard, [...]

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Can the Transition After Volunteering Be Made Easier?

It seems a bit cruel that sometimes the richer a volunteer experience is, the tougher the transition feels into life afterward. There are obvious reasons for this: we’re losing a unique community and work life we had that gave us purpose, meaningful challenge, joy. And we also have to make a lot of decisions at [...]

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3 Steps to Connecting What You Want to Do With an Actual Job

What job is right for you? Do you have a specific picture in your mind—for example, director of an organization that transforms underutilized urban spaces into neighborhood-run farms (like Seattle’s Alleycat Acres)? Or do you know broadly what you want to do, but aren’t sure what kind of jobs would let you do it? For [...]

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Should I Do What The World Needs, Or What I Enjoy?

Do you know the larger direction you want to go in after volunteering? Or do you feel—like a lot of us—a little stuck between doing what you think the world needs, and doing what you enjoy? On the one hand, of course, there’s so much across the country and world that needs supporting, speaking up [...]

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What If I Take the Wrong Next Step?

How does it feel choosing your next step after service? Is it clear what you want to do? Or does choosing feel a little overwhelming? Maybe you think: I should do culinary school. Then, five minutes later: I could be an astronaut! As the mini-fantasies continue flowing, the freedom is exciting, but can also be [...]

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What If I’ve Lost The Confidence I Had As a Volunteer?

How are you feeling after service? Are you feeling empowered daily with all the new experiences that deepened you and the wisdom you gleaned as a volunteer? More confident than ever and ready for anything? Or are you–like I was after Peace Corps—feeling kind of loose-ended, and wondering where that bolder, more confident, capable [...]

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