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Right now, you’re not at your best. 

Some of the following might sound familiar:

  • You feel a sense of loss after service and aren’t sure how to fill it
  • It feels like the first time in your life you haven’t quite had a next step, and you feel unanchored
  • You feel like you’re searching for what’s next, but aren’t sure what you’re searching for—and aren’t even sure what questions to ask
  • You feel somewhat beaten down by your current (post-volunteer) job, and want something more fulfilling
  • You’re having trouble making decisions about how to structure your time
  • You feel like you’ve fallen from the community you had as a volunteer, and aren’t sure where to find those types of deep connections now
  • You want to live out your best self while also meeting a need in the world, but aren’t sure how, and are afraid you’ll make the wrong decision
  • You feel tired and discouraged a lot—and like you want to close yourself off more than usual
  • You’re goal-oriented and like to see the whole picture, but can’t right now, and it keeps you from moving

You know what it feels like to be passionate and capable and proud of your life. You also know, deep down, that person still lives in you and you have much to give.

What would be different for you if you knew what you were called to do and give with your life right now—and had the confidence to go do it?

 Really consider that.

  1. You would wake up relaxed and excited to start your day, because your life reflects your values, has an impact in the world, and brings out the best in you. (It’s like how you felt on the best days of your volunteer year(s), but in some ways even better, because you structured this life yourself from the bottom up.)
  1. You would make decisions more easily, about your everyday life and your future.
  1. You would connect with others easily, feeling in your zone.
  1. You would feel more present more of the time, smiling easily at strangers (and friends!), flooded with gratitude for the blessings and community you have in your life.
  1. When someone struck up a conversation with you, you would feel proud to share what you do, not second-guessing if it’s the right direction for you. You would know it is by the quiet confidence you move around with, by your sense of balance and fulfillment across your life as a whole, by your readiness to face challenges and own the goals most important to you.
  1. You would feel utterly alive and yourself.

In short, you’d feel like you were on fire. Like you’d found your life purpose. The best part: not only would you be deeply fulfilled, but you’d be doing your part for the larger world—which you’d know needs what you alone can give. 

 Yes, but how to get there? 

Recognizing your larger purpose or calling, then moving with it, seems like a big task. But it’s not as complicated as we make it.

Bottom line, what you need is:

  • a structured, step-by-step plan to gently drill down to what makes you most alive and yourself, and what you really want most out of your life
  • objective, intuitive, expert support to help you get out of your own way, reflect deeply, and ultimately connect the dots of where you feel called and turn them into action.



Your map to your most fulfilled life after service.

This is a private, one-on-one coaching package delivered via phone. You’ll meet with me regularly and together we will walk through this proven, 6-phase purpose discernment process.

Phase 1: Get really self-aware.

You can’t take meaningful steps forward without understanding what matters most to you, and why. This is where we help you stop and take stock of who you are today (with your volunteer year(s) and everything else in you), along with—this is a big one—who you want to be by the end of your life. Once you’ve dug deep into both, you’ll be able to stand more confidently in your own skin again and make decisions more easily. In knowing better who you are, you’ll soon be able to discern what you want to do.


Phase 2: Get rid of what’s holding you back.

You know those voices in your head that tell you your life may never be as fulfilling as it was when you were volunteering, or that you’ll never find your life purpose (if that even exists), or that you may never be able to decide what you want to do next (because if you choose wrong, you’ve failed somehow)? It’s not just you; we all have those little devils. By the end of this program, you will sideline those voices, and recognize the choices, opportunities, and joy actually available to you. This is the part where we help you get out of your own way.


Phase 3: Discern your larger purpose.

At this stage we help you recognize the unique ability you came to life seeded with, which both makes you come alive and helps the world more than anything else you can do. One’s purpose is larger than any one profession, though work is one way to live out purpose. Once you understand you have a larger purpose, and that you definitely will be the positive force in the world you feel called to be, your whole life starts to make more sense and be more fun. You feel more energy, light, and ease in your day to day, and more peace and excitement about your future.


Phase 4: Gather support around you.

Volunteers are hard-wired for connection and were never meant to go it alone. Taking new action in your life (as you will shortly) is exciting but scary; this is where you bring in the reinforcements. We help you decide what support (from friends, authors, speakers, the universe, and so on) really helps you be at your best, then we make a plan for you to engage with this community of allies more, and expand it.


Phase 5: Revitalize your day-to-day life.

Small changes lead to big changes. This is where the rubber really starts to hit the road as you look at your daily routine and ask how well it reflects your values, priorities, and purpose. We introduce a tool to help you make small shifts to get the most out of your days—including built-in time for personal renewal and reflection—and get excited and confident about the larger changes ahead.


Phase 6: Move into your future.

It’s go time, and you’re ready for it. In full awareness of who you are and what you’re here to give, this phase is all about larger action. Clients have made decisions around everything from career discernment, to graduate school, to further service. As you have throughout the whole program, you have my full support and accountability to ensure you can first envision, then move boldly into your best future.


What’s included in the program and how it all works:

The process of coaching is simple: Once you’re enrolled in the program, we schedule your sessions in advance so you’re all set to go.  You call in to your sessions every other week and do the assignments I give you.  If you have a question or concern, or just want to share something, email me in between sessions as much as you want!

To get a little more specific, the program includes:

1. 10 private 60-minute sessions, via phone, over approximately 5 months. This is where we discuss your assignments and dig deep into whatever is churning in you around this work.

2. Unlimited email during your coaching package.  Whether you’re stuck on a difficult conversation you’re struggling to have with a friend or colleague, proud of following through on some personal renewal steps you set out as goals, or just want to share words that inspired you today, I’m all ears! I love hearing from you:).

3. Worksheets and assignments tailored specially for you. These help you track your progress as you go, and give you an invaluable written record you can keep returning to, showing you what you want out of life both today and long term.

And who am I in all of this, anyway?

Hi, I’m Sara Jones, and maybe I’m a lot like you. I created Live Your Purpose Coaching because I loved my year with Lutheran Volunteer Corps in Seattle and three years with the Peace Corps in South Africa after college, but I struggled to find as much fulfillment in the other professional directions I tried afterward. I started to fear that maybe I wouldn’t ever find the same level of meaning and power that I’d had during my volunteer years, but I was stubborn and not ready to accept defeat… especially before 30.

I dedicated myself to figuring out what I needed to do to get back in that space of calling and momentum that I’d felt just before LVC and Peace Corps, when I wasn’t overwhelmed by the fear of making a wrong choice, because the direction I needed to take was very clear.

My process ultimately led me to train as a professional coach. Now I support other former volunteers with their own process of discerning what they want out of their lives after service, so they can get excited and confident about the next step.

Ready to learn more about the Purpose Program?

The first step is to let me know a little more about you. I’ll respond and schedule a free consult to discuss if this program is right for you.

On the contact form below, please tell me:

  • when and where you served as a volunteer,

  • what you feel is missing in your life now, and

  • why you are considering working with me

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