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Right now, work is bringing you down.

Some of the following might sound familiar:

• You’ve lost interest in your job, and aren’t challenged in a way that matters to you.

• You’re not using all your best skills at work, or building new ones you care about. It doesn’t feel like where you belong. You sometimes wonder: How did I end up here?

• You’ve been at your job for a while, but you’re not advancing—and not feeling appreciated.

• You feel drained and restless at night, sometimes dreading work the next day. You want to change your attitude but don’t know how.

• You’d like to be in new work, but don’t know what. You also don’t want to lose things you’ve spent a long time building—like respect in your field, or a pension.

None of this is how you want to be. And deep down, you know you’re meant for more and have much to give. 

What would be different for you if you were happy in your work?

 Really consider that.

1. You’d wake up more energized and excited to start your day. You’d feel optimistic and confident, knowing your work uses the best of you and helps others in a way you care about. And you’d feel rested, because you didn’t wake up in the middle of the night worried about work.

2. You’d feel much more motivated at work, because you love what you do and know you’re valued there.

3. You’d connect with others more easily. You’d have more mental space for building relationships, not feeling like you’re always complaining about your job to your friends and family—or having to keep that part of your life away from them because you’re not proud of it.

4. You’d be able to focus and make decisions more easily, in your work and everyday life. You’d dwell on negative things less—and be able to come up with a plan to move forward more quickly.

5. You’d feel present more of the time and all-around healthier, not carrying around stress of dreading your work.

Sounds wonderful. But how do you get to more fulfilling work from here?

Building a happy, meaningful work life seems like a mammoth task. It’s true that it takes hard work and you have to really want it. But it’s not as complicated as we make it.

Bottom line, what you need is:

  • a structured, step-by-step process to gently drill down to what makes you most alive and yourself, and what work you’re called to now, and
  • objective, intuitive, professional support to help you reflect deeply and ultimately connect the dots of where you feel called in your work—and act on them.


Your map to finding work that brings you alive.

This is a private coaching package delivered via phone or Skype. You’ll meet with me regularly and together we’ll walk through this 4-phase process designed to help you:

• identify work that excites and connects with you,

• get a realistic picture of what it looks like in practice, and

• take steps to move into the vocation calling you now.

Here’s what it looks like phase by phase:

You can’t create the work life you want when you’re in your own way (… and we’re all in our own way, sometimes 🙂).

This is why we kick off our program with an online energy assessment to explore how your energy is currently working for you and also against you at times. Once you’re just more aware of this, you can start making the changes you want immediately to lead yourself forward from the best in you.

You also can’t create the work life you want without understanding what matters most to you, and why.

So in this phase, we also help you stop and take stock of who you are today (including your values, strengths, and more) along with—this is a big one—who you want to be at the end of your life.

Once you’ve dug deep into both, you’ll start to feel more confident in your own skin and make decisions more easily.

And in knowing better who you are, you’ll soon be able to more clearly discern what you want to do in your work.

Now with your solid foundation of self-awareness, you’re ready to go deeper. In this phase, you look at a vital, but more subtle part of who you are: your larger purpose/passion right now.

This is what Rumi calls “the one thing you must do” because it gives the world your best and makes you feel more fulfilled than anything else you can do. And it’s what I believe is the secret ingredient in identifying work that’s meaningful to you in a lasting way 🙂.

You’ll also drill down to why this purpose/passion matters to you—by clarifying what kind of world you believe in and want to help create that connects to it.

Fully grounded in your self-awareness and larger purpose/passion, you’re now ready to look at work head on.

To map forward in a meaningful way with your work, you have to first understand where you’ve been. So you’ll start this phase by clarifying what’s worked for you and what hasn’t in your past jobs, and why.

Then you’ll get clear on the things you need in a work situation to feel fulfilled—and what you know absolutely doesn’t work for you.

Finally, you’ll choose three work directions to explore that align with your larger purpose and energize you right now. 

It’s action time and you’re ready for it.

In our last phase, you’ll engage in six weeks of live work experiments with my active support each step of the way. You’ll do research, you’ll do informational interviews, you may do some shadowing and/or volunteering.

Bottom line, you’ll do whatever you need to to better understand what the work that interests you looks like in reality.

And, drawing on all you’ve learned about yourself in the first three phases, (this is key) you’ll reflect regularly on your work experiments as you go along.

Then, by the end of this program, you’ll be ready to discern which direction has the most energy for you right now—and start moving into it.

What’s included in the program and how it all works:

The process of coaching is simple: Once you’re enrolled in the program, we schedule your sessions in advance so you’re all set to go.  You call/Skype in to your sessions every other week and do the assignments I give you.  If you have a question or concern, or just want to share something, my door is always open! Email and/or text me in between sessions as much as you want:).

To get a little more specific, the program includes:

1. 10 private coaching sessions (mostly 60-minute, a few longer), via phone or Skype, over approximately 4 months. This is where we discuss your assignments and dig deep into whatever is churning in you around this work.

2. The 20-minute online Energy Leadership Index Assessment, a 10-paged personalized report, and a debrief with me. This internationally acclaimed attitudinal assessment is one of people’s favorite parts of this program. It helps you take an honest look at how your energy is currently working for you, and also against you and making it hard to move forward. In doing, it helps you maximize your strengths and true potential, and learn how to gently get out of your own way to start creating the work—and life—you really want.

3. Follow-up emails from me after each session with 3 or more powerful things you said to sit with during the week. I’m a huge note-taker. It’s a key way I learn and process. I encourage you to take your own notes in our sessions, too, if that helps you—but I find that people I coach typically take more notes on what say, not what they say.

This seems natural (I do it, too, when being coached), but since coaching is based on the belief that we each have our own answers within, the real gold is in what you’re saying. It’s my job and privilege to ask you meaningful questions that evoke real insights for you, then remind you what you said. Think of it as a regular reminder of your wisdom :).

4. Four-phases of assignments that build on each other, guiding you to a work life that brings you alive. Over our 4 phases together, these help you track your progress as you go, and give you an invaluable written record you can keep returning to, showing you what you want out of work (and life) both today and long term.

5. Unlimited email and texting during your coaching package.  Whether you’re stuck on an assignment or a difficult conversation, proud of following through on some steps you set out as goals, or just want to share words that inspired you today, I’m all ears! Please reach out. I love hearing from you:).

How the program is different from some career coaching:

This program is designed for people who view their work not just as a career but as a calling.

My approach is both practical and spiritual. We work from the inside out (starting with Phase 1 around self-awareness), in the understanding that, as Parker Palmer puts it, we can’t tell our lives what we intend to do with them without first listening to them telling us who we are.

This is a very deep interior process.  It’s not built on a career test which spits out a suggested career that you’re encouraged to embrace. We also don’t create Venn Diagrams mapping what seems to make sense for you on paper—but in practice, there’s no blood going to it for you.

Instead, I guide you through a ripening process where you can arrive at an answer of where you feel called right now and move with it because you know it’s true for you. You feel it viscerally.

My role is to provide you with the tools and support to move through a deep vocational discernment process, and to witness you each step of the way.

I’m here to guide you through the four progressive phases of our coursework, to ask you powerful questions in our sessions, to listen to you very carefully, to offer reflections on what I think I’m hearing and help you make connections, and finally, to offer you loads of accountability and encouragement to follow through and create the work life you want.

Timeline & next step

The next round of the Vocation Program starts the week of Monday, July 29.

The first step is to schedule a free phone consult with me (see more details in the next section). Contact me by 9 pm PT, Wednesday, July 10, to schedule a consult to be eligible for this round of the program.

Here’s the full timeline:

• I’ll schedule all the phone consults by 9 pm PT, Wednesday, July 10

• I’ll complete the consults by EOD Tuesday, July 16

• We’ll start the program the week of Monday, July 29

Ready to explore if the Vocation Program is for you?

Great! The first step is to let me know a little more about you. In the form below, please tell me:

  • what you feel is missing in your work life now, and
  • why you’re considering working with me in this program.

I’ll respond and schedule a free consult to discuss where you are right now and if this program is right for you.

I’m excited to connect with you!



“I was referred to Sara from someone who knew I was exploring big changes in my work life.  I’d been working for years in the corporate world at various technology companies, developing my skills and responsibilities. And then I started to lose interest in what previously had driven me and realized my path in this work environment was not where I wanted to continue to expend my energy and time.  I was burnt out and developing a negative view of work.

In working with Sara, I dug deep into my mindset and attitude about work.  Sara encouraged me to examine my mental habits surrounding my expectations of myself in work.  She helped me believe that I could create and own a work life which encompassed my talents, values, and purpose.  I appreciated the commitment that Sara gave to working with me, as the changes I was making in my mindset took time.

I benefited greatly from Sara, a coach who knew how to listen, question, and encourage me.  I now feel ownership of my work life and have a much more positive outlook.”


“Before meeting Sara, I knew that I was on a three year plan for finding a new career since I would like to get my 20 years of public school teaching in. However, I had no idea what I wanted to do or was even qualified to do. I did have fantasy jobs in my head but that was just it; they were fantasies. I also knew that I needed some guidance to make my current job more rewarding.

Having worked with Sara, I have a solid idea of what I want to do and have an action plan on how to obtain my goal. I am feeling more confident and know that I have many qualifications for the job I want and feel positive that I will get the job I am seeking.

While I was nervous in the beginning, Sara made me feel completely at ease and was so attentive to my needs. She takes fantastic notes and is an extremely great listener. She is reliable, organized, flexible, and available for questions and or concerns in between sessions.

Sara works you to your inner most core while you are discovering your life purpose and supports you every step of the way. I now have the tools that I was looking for to help me find a new career. Coaching has given me a positive outlook on my current job and a clear picture of my new career.”