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Right now, work is bringing you down.

Some of the following might sound familiar:

• You’ve lost interest in your job, and aren’t challenged in a way that matters to you.

• You’re not using all your best skills at work, or building new ones you care about.

• You’ve been at your job for a while, but you’re not advancing—and not feeling appreciated.

• You feel drained and restless at night, sometimes dreading work the next day.

• You’d like to be in new work, but don’t know what—and have no idea how to get there.

None of this is how you want to be. And deep down, you know you’re meant for more and have much to give. 

What would be different for you if you were happy in your work?

 Really consider that. I would bet:

1. You’d wake up more energized and excited to start your day. You’d feel optimistic and confident, knowing your work uses the best of you and helps others in a way you care about.

2. You’d feel much more motivated at work, because you love what you do and know you’re valued there.

3. You’d connect with others more easily.

4. You’d be able to focus and make decisions more easily, in your work and everyday life.

5. You’d feel present more of the time and all-around healthier, not carrying around stress of dreading your work.

Sounds wonderful. But how do you get to more fulfilling work from here?

Building a happy, meaningful work life might feel totally overwhelming right now—maybe even impossible. It’s true that it takes hard work and the willingness to grow. But it’s not as complicated as we make it.

Bottom line, what you need is:

• a structured, step-by-step process to gently drill down to what makes you most alive, and what work path you’re called to now, &

• objective, intuitive, professional support to help you reflect deeply and ultimately connect the dots of where you feel called in your work—and act on them.

I know what it’s like to feel frustrated in your work.

Hi, I’m Sara :).

I was unfulfilled for years in my work, but didn’t know how to fix it.

First, I got a Master’s and taught English to immigrants and refugees. I loved the population, but something was missing.

Then, trying a very different route, I went through culinary school and cooked professionally in Seattle restaurants. But that wasn’t quite it, either.

Finally, I got into editorial writing and editing. I enjoyed that, but I still felt like my life was meant for something different than what I was living.

I believed deeply fulfilling work was possible, but I had no idea how to find it.

What turned things around for me was some excellent career coaching. It resonated with me so much, I trained as a career coach to help other people come out of the same work frustration and drain I’d been in.

Fast forward to now, and I not only have the meaning and joy I wanted in my work; I also have a much happier life, too:

• I have a career in vocational coaching that brought together passions from across my life and my calling right now.

• I have a relationship that is the deepest I’ve ever connected with anyone—and also the most I’ve been able to grow.

• I have a home that I love.

• And most of all, I have an understanding of who I am and what I’m here to do—and I know I’ll continue to do it.

I don’t share all this to brag. My life isn’t perfect, of course. I just share it to let you know two important things:

1. I understand the space you’re in right now, and what you’re going through.

2. I can support you, step by step, to get to the other side of it.

I can help because finding work fulfillment has been the biggest dilemma of my adult life so far, and I’ve come through it. And using everything I learned through my own experience, study, and coach training, I created this coaching program to help people like you come through it, too.

Because the world’s a better place for everyone when more of us are happy in our work, and I know from the deepest place in me that you’re made for powerful things.


Your map to finding work that brings you alive.

This program is designed for people who view their work not just as a career, but as a calling.

My approach is both practical and spiritual. We work from the inside out in the understanding that, as Parker Palmer puts it, we can’t tell our lives what we intend to do with them without first listening to them telling us who we are.

I guide you through a ripening process where you can arrive at an answer of where you feel called right now and move with it because you know it’s true for you. You feel it viscerally.

My role is to provide you with the tools and support to move through a deep vocational discernment process, and to witness you each step of the way.

How the program works:

You work with me as your private coach. We meet regularly over the phone or Skype to work through a proven, 4-phase process designed to help you:

• identify work that excites and connects with you,

• get a realistic picture of what it looks like in practice, and

• take steps to move into the vocation calling you now.

Here’s what it looks like phase by phase:

Become aware of your energy, what matters to you, and who you are today.

The program starts with an online energy assessment to explore how your energy is currently working for you and also against you at times. Once you’re more aware of this, you can start making the changes you want.

I also help you stop and take stock of who you are today (including your values, strengths, and more) along with—this is a big one—who you want to be at the end of your life.

In knowing better who you are, you’ll soon be able to more clearly discern what you want to do in your work.

Explore a vital, more subtle part of who you are: your larger purpose/passion.

Now with your solid foundation of self-awareness, you’re ready to go deeper and hone into your larger purpose/passion right now.

This is what Rumi calls “the one thing you must do” because it gives the world your best and makes you feel more fulfilled than anything else you can do. And it’s what I believe is the secret ingredient in identifying work that’s meaningful to you in a lasting way :).

I also help you drill down to why this purpose/passion matters to you—by clarifying what kind of world you believe in and want to help create that connects to it.

Fully grounded in your larger purpose/passion, you’re now ready to explore work that will help you live it.

To map forward in a meaningful way with your work, you have to first understand where you’ve been. So you’ll start this phase by clarifying what’s worked for you and what hasn’t in your past jobs, and why.

I guide you on getting clear on the things you need in a work situation to feel fulfilled. Then I’ll help you choose three work directions to explore that align with your larger purpose and energize you right now.

Engage in live work experiments to identify what works for you in reality.

In our last phase, you’ll engage in six weeks of live work experiments with my active support each step. You’ll do research, informational interviews, and possibly shadowing and/or volunteering.

Drawing on all you’ve learned about yourself in the first three phases, (this is key) you’ll reflect regularly on your work experiments as you go along.

By the end of this program, you’ll be ready to discern which direction has the most energy for you right now—and start moving into it.

What’s included in the program:

1. 11 private coaching sessions (mostly 60-minute, a few 90-minute), via phone or Skype, over approximately 5-6 months.

2. The 20-minute online Energy Leadership Index Assessment, a 10-paged personalized report, and a debrief with me.

3. Follow-up emails from me after each session with 3 or more powerful things you said to sit with during the week.

4. Four phases of assignments that build on each other, guiding you to a work life that brings you alive.

5. Unlimited email and texting during your coaching package.

Ready to explore if the Vocation Program is for you?

Great! The first step is to let me know a little more about you. Click the CONTACT ME button below to fill out a form to share:

  • what you feel is missing in your work life now, and
  • why you’re considering working with me in this program.

I’ll respond and schedule a free consult to discuss where you are right now and if this program is right for you.

I’m excited to connect with you!



“I was referred to Sara from someone who knew I was exploring big changes in my work life.  I’d been working for years in the corporate world at various technology companies, developing my skills and responsibilities. And then I started to lose interest in what previously had driven me and realized my path in this work environment was not where I wanted to continue to expend my energy and time.  I was burnt out and developing a negative view of work.

In working with Sara, I dug deep into my mindset and attitude about work.  Sara encouraged me to examine my mental habits surrounding my expectations of myself in work.  She helped me believe that I could create and own a work life which encompassed my talents, values, and purpose.  I appreciated the commitment that Sara gave to working with me, as the changes I was making in my mindset took time.

I benefited greatly from Sara, a coach who knew how to listen, question, and encourage me.  I now feel ownership of my work life and have a much more positive outlook.”


“Before meeting Sara, I knew that I was on a three year plan for finding a new career since I would like to get my 20 years of public school teaching in. However, I had no idea what I wanted to do or was even qualified to do. I did have fantasy jobs in my head but that was just it; they were fantasies. I also knew that I needed some guidance to make my current job more rewarding.

Having worked with Sara, I have a solid idea of what I want to do and have an action plan on how to obtain my goal. I am feeling more confident and know that I have many qualifications for the job I want and feel positive that I will get the job I am seeking.

While I was nervous in the beginning, Sara made me feel completely at ease and was so attentive to my needs. She takes fantastic notes and is an extremely great listener. She is reliable, organized, flexible, and available for questions and or concerns in between sessions.

Sara works you to your inner most core while you are discovering your life purpose and supports you every step of the way. I now have the tools that I was looking for to help me find a new career. Coaching has given me a positive outlook on my current job and a clear picture of my new career.”